Monday, March 12, 2007

Unicode Talk

On March 8, 2007 I gave a presentation on Unicode to the Chicago Python Users Group. Unlike most talks on Unicode, mine was geared for small children.

Anyway, here are the downloads for the talk in various formats:

  • OpenOffice Impress (this is the best version to look at, if you have OpenOffice installed)
  • PDF (my notes are embedded into the PDF, but you have to scroll to the end to see them)
  • HTML (warning: the "horse vs unicode" and "ISO8859 vs unicode" tables don't show up)

Also, here are the demos associated with the talk. I didn't have time to show any of them, but hopefully the comments inside the source files are pretty understandable.


Victoria Wang said...

I appreciate you putting up your slides as totally missed your talk (ran into a couple misfortunate events that evening ^^;;). Thanks. Love the drawings!

Feihong said...

Your welcome. And thanks for the summary of the meeting on your blog. I had to leave shortly after my own presentation so I could catch my train back home.

al said...

thanks for the unicode ppt,
(unicorn and simp chinese specifically)
i think ipython(
is multi platform and enhanced python shell which handles unicode(simp chinese for me) more comfortable than windows' console.